our projects

 ekse school radio

This online radio station is based at Stephen Mazungula Primary School and is run by the students with the facilitation of two teachers as means to supplement and compliment their curriculum.This project got financial support from the Mandela Bay Development Agency.

social entrepreneurship and craft development 

Through this project we encourage social cohesion and a collaborative creative process between the hand crafters and young designers and visual artists. This is not by any means a process to start new projects, but to work with existing projects in the selected rural areas, what we are looking for is an end product that will appeal to product buyers,international and local markets. Moreover teach the rural women and youth Social Entrepreneurship skills.

 history Re.imagined

Initiative and platform where black artists, cultural managers through the facilitation of historians and indigenous knowledge institutions are challenged to respond to history of the region pre and post colonial (arrival of Settlers). This initiative seeks to challenge these intellectuals to investigate the responsibility of Black Eastern Cape artists in re-imagining the history.This project was funded by DSRAC Eastern Cape and supported by Mandela Bay Development Agency.

Photo from bantumtshiselwa(25)
climate change and sustainability project

Through this initiative we teach  deepen the school kids  knowledge round sustainable living and the importance of taking care of the environment in which we live. This is done through tree planting exercises and projects on food security and gardening. As well as healthy living.

computer lab refurbishment

Facilitated a sponsorship of 15 computers to the value of R75 000 by Isuzu in 2018 to refurbish a computer lab at Stephen Mazungula Primary School in New Brighton Port Elizabeth.

letters to myself mosaic project

A mosaic project. Letters to myself is a project that helps with promoting the creative process as stimulus for people development. This is done through using art to building conducive spaces without boundaries; and Encouraging people to use creativity as means of psychological and physical engagement.

The project is in a form of mosaic panels with inspiring messages and imagery installed at Stephen Mazungula Primary school for the community to see and be inspired.